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Turning Circle

An Eclectic Pagan Community
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Turning Circle Calendar for 2017


January 13th: White Elephant Gift Exchange & Divination Fair

January 27th: Lunar New Year - Led by Phoenix


February 3rd: Imbolc High Rite - Led by Indigo

February 17th: Pagan Book Club


March 3rd: Moon Ritual - led by Selene

March 17th: Ostara High Rite - led by Ann


April 7th: Moon Ritual: Led by Christina & Susan (Also Susan's birthday!)

April 21st: Earth Day - Led by Deirdre


May 5th: Beltane High Rite - Led by Phoenix

May 19th: New Age Open Discussion* - Led by Celtic Fire


June 2nd: Moon Ritual - Led by Ann

June 16: Litha High Rite - Led by Valentine


July 2nd: Solstice Service at the UUCC (at 10:00AM, not 7:30PM!)

July 7th: Pagan Book Club* - "Crafting the Wiccan Tradition"

July 21st: Sirius Rising Ritual - Led by Sajana 


August 4th: Lammas High Rite - Led by Rowena

August 18th: Ivy Moon Esbat - Led by Indigo


September 8th: Drumming for Peace - Led by Phoenix

September 22nd: Mabon High Rite - Led by Sajana


October 13th: Moon Ritual - Led by Rowena

October 27th: Samhain High Rite - Led by Selene


November 3rd: Pagan Book Club *

November 17th: An Autumn Rite - Led by Indigo


December 8th: Moon Ritual - Led by Valentine

December 22nd: Yule High Rite - Led by Christine


* This is a seminar/roundtable discussion, not a formal ritual.