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Turning Circle

An Eclectic Pagan/Wiccan Community
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Turning Circle Calendar for 2017


October 13th: Moon Ritual - Led by Rowena

October 27th: Samhain High Rite - Led by Selene


November 3rd: Pagan Book Club *

November 17th: An Autumn Rite - Led by Indigo


December 8th: Dionysus Rite - Led by Valentine

December 22nd: Yule High Rite - Led by Christine


Turning Circle Calendar for 2018 (Beta) 

 January 5th: Pagan New Year Rite, led by Phoenix

 January 19th: Pagan Book Club*, Winter Meeting: We're discussing "Helenistic Paganism"

 February 2nd: Imbolc High Rite, led by Carla

 February 16th: Lupercalia Ritual, led by Valentine

 March 9th: Pagan Book Club*, Spring Meeting

 March 23rd: Ostara High Rite

 April 13th: Earth Day Rite, led by Deirdre

 April 27th: Beltane High Rite, led by Vera and Mav

 May 11th: Moon Ritual

 May 23rd: Moon Ritual

 June 8th: Pagan Book Club*, Summer Meeting

 June 22nd: Litha High Rite, led by Rowena

 July 6th: Tree Ritual, led by Indigo

 July 20th: Sirius Rising, led by Sajana

August 3rd : Lammas High Rite, led by Selene

August 17th: Poseidon Ritual, led by Valentine

September 7th: Drumming for Peace, led by Phoenix

September 21st: Ganesh Ritual, led by Aliya

October 12th: Moon Ritual

October 26th: Samhain High Rite, led by Indigo

November 2nd: Moon Ritual, led by Ann

November 16th: Pagan Book Club*, Autumn Meeting

December 7th: Moon Ritual, led by Rowena

December 21st: Yule High Rite, led by Ann 


* This is a seminar/roundtable discussion, not a formal ritual.  


Attention fellow Pagans: October/November is open enrollment for signing up for rituals. If you're a Turning Circle member and you want to lead a ritual in 2018, contact the Coordinators today! We'd love to hear from you!