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An Eclectic Pagan/Wiccan Community
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Indigo (your humble and loyal Coordinator) also has a flair for writing. Feel free to download and read anything you see below. It's a free download, but it is also protected by copyright (Christopher Todd). So that means you can download it to your heart's content but don't resell it or proclaim it as your own work. If you like what you read, drop us a line!
"A Year of Celebration". Would you like to organize an open circle or start your own coven? This book contains rituals for all eight Sabbats, as well as other celebrations like dedication and initiation. Other topics include basic divination practices, color/mineral correspondences, and how to tell the difference between a healthy religious venue and a cult.
"I, Construct".Set in the world of Gaianar, a sentient, free-willed machine defies his master and overlord to begin a quest that will change the timeline and thus free the world from bondage. Along the way, our mechanical hero grapples with the meaning of morality, of choice, and the newfound responsibility of being endowed with a soul.  
Role Playing
While most classic roleplaying games are set in the Medieval period with high sorcery and dragons, the World of Gaianar has a Steampunk flair. Set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic collapse of a very high-tech civilization, the world has begun to rebuild from the ashes. While the time of darkness is not yet over, the hope for the brighter future has returned. Now civilization rebuilds with a hybridization of magic and science. Some old enemies have returned to get revenge, and new enemies seek to fill the power vacuum left behind in the collapse of the world government. Will the heroes be able to serve as guardians of the peace during this delicate transitional time? You have to play it to find out!
- "Rules for Players": This book is needed or creating a new World of Gaianar player character. It also has all of the combat rules.
- "Book of Spiritual Powers". This book contains all of the spells, rituals, formulae that the various character classes employ.
- "Creatures".No roleplaying game is complete without terrifying monsters that have developed a taste for human flesh, or souls, or your treasure.
- "World of Papilian Expansion Pack". This book has the rules specific to the Papilian expansion.